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Food Revolution Day!

MAY 23 @ 17:38

by RebeccaBourhill

I know this is late but here we go.

This is the event I planned for the 19 May 2012. It went really well with our local celebrity there doing signings. We also had a dietition come and speak to everyone. There were health Muffins and a drink for the people who did the class.

It was a great success as you can see on the photos.

I have created a Facebook page to try and keep the Food Revolution going it is called Enjoy food and have passion. You can like the page and discuss FOOD!

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MAY 23 @ 21:38

by MsPablo

Good luck Rebecca!  Looks like your event was a smashing success!

MAY 23 @ 22:49

by mummza

Well done Rebecca, it looks a really busy group , congratulations on organising the event,thumbsup

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