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MAY 23 @ 17:38

by JimOnlineEditor

As some of you may have seen, Jamie, Gennaro and some buddies went fly fishing on the beautiful Blagdon Lake in Somerset last week.
Taking part in a competition organised by the good people at Yeo Valley Farms, 20 boats spent the afternoon trying to land some of the lake's beautiful trout.
We have put up a video of the day, it's well worth a watch. http://www.jamieoliver.com/news/fly-boys
So if you want the chance to win a one-off signed box of flies, simply watch the video and answer this:

How many fish did Jamie and Gennaro catch?

Write you answers in the comments below and we will randomly select one correct answer.
Good luck!

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MAY 23 @ 22:46

by mummza

six fish ... do I give the awnser here ? ...ah well I have now ... six fish
( just as well they wernt Salmon !)

MAY 23 @ 22:46

by mummza

they were trout.... 6 trout !

MAY 27 @ 05:19

by The White Rabbit

Umm....6. Thanks mummza!

MAY 28 @ 09:41

by BritFinn

I'm guessing 6 whistle

MAY 29 @ 10:32

by zbriff

six fish!!

MAY 29 @ 10:39

by matster000

Six! thumbsup

MAY 29 @ 10:54

by kanahols

Jamie and Gennaro caught six trouts. Fantastic fishing, fantastic food!

MAY 29 @ 10:55

by Spidermod

They caught six

MAY 29 @ 11:07

by iamandrew

I say 6 good sir!!!

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