Jamie Oliver

Climbing Hydrangea

MAY 29 @ 13:53

by MsPablo

One of the first additions to my shade garden.  It's now over 20 years old.

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MAY 29 @ 14:10

by Grandmadamada

big_smile 20 years is a good time for people and plants to get good friendsthumbsupwave

MAY 29 @ 14:24

by Kye

Lovely i have one that has been against a fence  for many years but is only now doing something useful .

MAY 31 @ 17:42

by minerva

Hydrangea petiolaris?
How tall is it now?

JUN 10 @ 14:53

by MsPablo

Yes it is Minnie.  It's on a 6 ft. tall fence and has spread about 18 ft.

JUN 11 @ 20:07

by minerva

Lovely..........I would love one, but haven't anything tall or robust enough to hold its weight.

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