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20 minutes + salmon + asian broth = healthy lunch

JUN 01 @ 08:28

by anelpotgieter

I am by nature a foodie and as foodies go, we all have our foodie idols ... One of my foodie idols is Chef Peter Tempelhoff (South Africa) – not only is he a great chef but also not too shabby on the eye – oh, who am I kidding everyone ... he is hot!... Anyway, two weeks ago I attended the Table of Peace and Unity lunch in Cape Town on the slopes of our wonderful Table Mountain and Peter Tempelhoff was one of the chefs responsible for the starter [miso sesame cured salmon and ginger prawn spring roll with soja jalapeno dressing].  I don’t know if it was the dish or perhaps him walking past that inspired me to do something hot with salmon. So later in the week I visited my Chinese supermarket for some ingredients and over the weekend  made this really delicious, salmon in a hot and sour Asian broth.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!  It’s so easy ... so tasty and so fresh ... and cheers to the hot chef who inspired me to make this dish!

Serves 4
Preparation and cooking time: 20 Minutes

150g x 4 Skinless salmon steaks
Salt and black pepper
Oil for frying
For broth
1L Chicken stock (I use stock cubes for this – that’s what they do in Asia hmm))
2-3 Green chillies (...if you like things a little hotter, spice it up with one more ... but not too many as it will overpower your dish )
+-20cm piece of lemongrass – crushed with the back of your knife and cut into pieces (if you cannot find it but you do stay in Cape Town – contact me, I have a huge bush in my garden!)
1 Garlic clove – finely sliced
1 Thumb size piece of fresh ginger – finely sliced
¼ Cup of soya sauce
4ml Sesame oil - just under a teaspoon (be very careful that you don’t overdo the sesame oil)
Juice of 2 limes (small) or 1 lemon
2 Spring onions – chopped diagonally into thin slices
Handful of fresh coriander – roughly shredded by hand
Bean sprouts to garnish and to add some crunch

In a saucepan or pot add all the ingredients for the broth – except  the spring onions, coriander and bean sprouts. Bring to the boil and simmer for about 5-10 minutes allowing all the flavours to infuse.
In a griddle pan heat the oil and fry the salmon until brown on both sides - +-2 minutes on each side should do. The salmon  must still be rare inside – but you must be able to flake it with a fork.  Season with salt and pepper.
To serve
Pour some of the broth through a sieve into a 4 bowls, add some spring onion and coriander.  Put the salmon in the middle of the bowls and add some bean sprouts to garnish.  I love fresh ginger so I always add the ginger I used for the broth in my bowl.

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