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Queen's Diamond Jubilee Luncheon Party

JUN 04 @ 23:37

by MsPablo

I used Minerva's Coronation Chicken, Sausage Rolls and Trifle recipes.  I used gluten-free lady fingers instead of cake which was called for in her recipe.  I also made a rice salad.  Minnie's recipes were excellent.  She's responsible for making this a very fun and special celebration.  Thanks again, Minnie!

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JUN 05 @ 08:07

by Grandmadamada


JUN 06 @ 09:39

by Danny

WOW! Lovely Jubilee celebrations Ms P : )

JUN 06 @ 14:28

by MsPablo

Thanks Danny!  It was a lot of fun because Minerva sent us wonderful decorations and some great recipes.

JUN 06 @ 20:30

by minerva

It was my pleasure to send you a little party pack.
The Queen is a very special person: the effects of her life & her job affects nearly everyone on this planet whether they would wish to admit it or not, so anyone who says that they wish to join with me & mine to celebrate her 60 years in the job by having a party, deserves a party pack!

That you entered into the thing with such enthusiasm was a joy to me, & that you were able to share it (even belatedly) with your family was the cherry on the Jubilee cake for me!

JUN 06 @ 23:14

by MsPablo

Thanks Minnie!  It was very much appreciated by all of us.  I'll be making all of these dishes again and so will my relatives who tasted them.  To have something truly authentic and to share this long distance with you was wonderful for all of us!  My relatives were impressed with your kindness and the meaning you added to this event for us.

JUN 11 @ 20:10

by minerva

Well, we will have to have a shared party again soon.
Such fun!

JUN 12 @ 13:28

by MsPablo

I hope I can come up with an idea that is as meaningful and fun for you as this was for us all.  My family really loved sharing this food and hearing a little about you and your various talents.

JUN 22 @ 01:29

by mexican nellie

Aww que bonito!! I didn't see your beautiful pictures & beautiful party congrats.

JUL 02 @ 16:38

by MsPablo

Thanks nellie!

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