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10 tips to poach the perfect egg for dad

JUN 08 @ 09:02

by anelpotgieter

My favourite Saturday morning breakfast is a soft poached egg on whole wheat toast with a bit of wild rocket out of my garden and a pinch of Maldon salt.  When you cut into that egg and the yellow slowly ooze onto the bread … it is like early morning sunshine on my plate!  What I want to share with you today is not a specific recipe on how to poach the perfect egg but a few interesting facts and tips that might help you along the way.  I am sure you will know most of them but one or two of these pointers are quite interesting. To all the dads out there ... Happy Father's Day!

1.  The fresher the egg, the easier the poach - fresh eggs hold together better when slipped into the simmering water.
2.  To test to see whether an egg is fresh  - put the egg into a bowl of water.  A very fresh egg will immediately sink to the bottom and lie flat on its side - an old egg will float.
3.  The eggs must preferably be room temperature.
4.  Remember to add a bit of vinegar to the simmering water – it helps hold the egg together.
5.  The water must be simmering not boiling.
6.  Now, my best tip is to slowly submerse the whole egg with shell and all in the hot simmering water for 10 seconds before you break it. This ensures the whites on the outside of the egg hold together better during poaching.
7.  Before breaking the egg into your simmering pot of water, use a spoon and give the water a stir so that it forms a little bit of a whirlpool…the centrifugal motion will pull the egg together when you slide it into the water. 
8.  When you break the egg break it into a saucer or cup first – be careful not to break the yolk and then simply slide the egg off the saucer or cup into the centre of the whirling water.
9.  How long to poach the egg? Here’s a quirky snippet I read…when you put your bread in to toast put your egg in to poach…when your toast pops out of the toaster...your poached egg should be ready to be removed from the pot. Otherwise poach it for 3-5 minutes until cooked.
10.  When done scoop out with slotted spoon or spatula onto a paper towel to dry excess water from the now poached egg. 

It’s quick but fabulous when poached to perfection... decadent and yummy all at the same time!

Don’t forget too that a poached egg on top of a rocket + bacon salad makes for a wonderful summer salad option just ever so slightly out of the ordinary….

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JUN 08 @ 12:08

by Danny

Thank you for the tips - glad to see Vinegar there, works a treat for me every time : )

Cheers from Danny

JUN 08 @ 22:43

by christian_halfm

Wow! Thank you so much! I haven't heard about most of these points! I have not been into poaching eggs before, tried it only once with mediocre results!

JUN 09 @ 14:19

by mr spice

Mmmm...I've been scrambling my eggs recently, lightly cooked with plenty of butter. I might just have to try poacching them tomorrow. Thanks for the tipsthumbsup

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