Jamie Oliver

Queen's Diamond Jubilee - 'Guardsman of the Year'

JUN 11 @ 21:46

by minerva

............the final 8..........4 of the Coldstream Guards, 4 of the 'Blues & Royals'.

They & their horses waited here for hours to be called into the arena, where the Queen came down from the Royal box to give the awards, & congratulate each man for reaching the final.
We were allowed to get fairly close to take our photos, but not so close as to unsettle the horses.

In the final picture the last soldier is replacing his helmet before going into the arena..........they had all been allowed to remove their helmets for a brief while, possibly because it was taking so long & because it was awfully hot.

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JUN 11 @ 22:02

by Grandmadamada

thank you for sharing Minnibig_smilewave

JUN 11 @ 23:34

by MsPablo

Wonderful!  I love those helmets!  Lovely horses too.

JUN 12 @ 15:19

by Danny

Lovely pics Min

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