Jamie Oliver

the secret of City Tomatoes

JUN 16 @ 05:47

by RedfoxEstonia

is growing on the sunny side. The sun always shines on my kitchen window. Despite the spring stroms in Tallinn, the plants seem to feel safe. So for the 4th year we have beautiful tomatoes and capsicams growing there. And they are the tallest this year!
The big palm-like plant is the one with the smelly flower. It grows bigger every year and has more branches. The thing is, flies hate it, so they don´t BUG our other plants or lay eggs anywhere.
The flower is from a certain birch, and it feels edible, but I don´t know whether I should try it. Must be poisonous, right? All the pretty things are poisonous. If it weren´t I would eat the flower with choco-vanilla sauce or freeze and decorate ice cream with it.

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JUN 16 @ 13:16

by MsPablo

Your flowering plant is a hibiscus.  Good luck with the windowsill garden!

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