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Good Food Summer Show - A High Spot!

JUN 20 @ 14:58

by minerva

My heroes...........The Hairy Bikers!

What lovely men. They can cook. They are hysterically funny. They are proper old-fashioned gents.
Their Tarte Tatin had gone wrong in the session before ours (it had stuck in the pan & sort of wouldn't make an appearance!).........& 'Kingy' was understandably a bit nervous that it would go wrong again..........it came out perfectly, but along the way there were near-miss calamities, Dave moved the frying pan Kingy was about to tip stuff into & 1/2 of it missed......& so much more fun besides. Overall they did two 'mains' & two puds, lots of Q&A's, fun with the audience, & some birthday kisses for lasses in the crowd.
The cameraman was a young Aussie fella that copped a lot of stick, but coped admirably.

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JUN 20 @ 21:05

by MsPablo


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