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BBC Good Food Summer Show 2012

JUN 20 @ 15:14

by minerva

Just a few of the tasty morsels on offer at this year's Good Food Summer show at the NEC, Birmingham.

Lots of 'freebies' & more than a few wine tastings............foods & wines from home & abroad.
A fab day out, do go if you can next year.

The first photo is of a stand containing all kinds of 'mediterranean' comestible.............olives, garlic, sweets of all kinds, baklava & other morsels of delight..........all available for tasting.
The second has all the products produced for sale by an apiarist, & with my interest in all things 'Bee' I thought it quite apt.
The final photo, as M.Nellie has spotted, is a stand full of sweet treats, here showing huge meringues of various flavours. I didn't try one so cannot vouch for its quality,but it did look the business though!

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JUN 20 @ 16:36

by mexican nellie

wave Minerva! I love your pictures. Are meringues in the third picture? mmm

JUN 20 @ 18:24

by minerva

Yes, love they are meringues.

JUN 20 @ 21:00

by MsPablo

Yes!  And, maybe sometimes, give us the big details and don' t worry about posting more than one photo, for those of us looking on laptops and other smaller formats . . . my regret is too small images . . . if some of you disagree, cool.

JUN 21 @ 01:12

by MsPablo

Oh, sorry, I realize the width is limited no matter if you post 1 or 3 .  .  . still, it's limiting, isn't it?

JUN 21 @ 09:09

by minerva

Yes, it's a shame we cannot post bigger pictures.
If only we could click on them & see a full-sized picture, which would be really good on photos with lots of detail.

JUN 22 @ 13:01

by MsPablo

That would be nice.  You do have interesting photos.  I didn't mean to be overly critical.

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