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chocolate mousse + crispy onion sprinkle

JUN 28 @ 13:30

by anelpotgieter

I know many of you think I must be off my rocker ... but this is a MUST TRY.   Lately, I have been reading a lot about modern food combinations with unusual flavours.  Let me mention a few ...

1.    dark chocolate + parmesan cheese
2.    chocolate mousse + crispy onion sprinkle
3.    oysters + coconut + lychee + rose
4.    lobster + passion fruit
5.    belgian endives + chocolate + vanilla ice cream.

The one that really aroused my curiosity was the chocolate mousse and crispy onion sprinkle.  I just had to try it so I dashed off to my closest grocery store down the road and bought a tub of chocolate mousse and a bag of crispy onion sprinkle, you know the type that they sell as a soup topping. So that evening I took a scoop of chocolate mousse and a healthy serving of onion sprinkle and I served this unusual matching to some very startled guests ...!  Well, well, well, if you want to impress your friends with an amazing out of the box dessert that you don’t even have to make yourself ...try this.  The tastes just gel together and produce a surprising and unusual delicious combination. Put this on your list the next time you are out of ideas for dessert!

nom nom nom ...

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