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JUL 02 @ 10:05

by S project

S project. Plastic definition would be: very fresh social entrepreneur project in small boutique country beyond Alps – Slovenia. Although small, but with great people of amazing minds. Matevz Slokar, young entrepreneur with numerous ideas, communicative, wide and “out of the box” minded. Sometimes hard to handle, but not impossible, nicknamed “loco”. Unstoppable.

We met, worked together, he left. But with great impact and no doubtable thinking: we will meet again. And we did. Right place, right time.

Me in search of new challenges, he with another great and for many unachievable idea of S project. Let’s do it!

Right now, in rural town of Ajdovscina, 7 deprived young from whole country attend S academY. New Education model we create to create new opportunities for those, whose lifes were spared. 6 months of hard work and great experiences are in front of them to emancipate, get employed and live their life as they have always dreamed of. Educational system differs from formal education by giving them life experiences and knowledge: from entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, cuisine, personal growth, social responsibility.

But How?

S project doesn’t believe in capitalism. It uses its power to create opportunities for underprivileged young. Searching for partners to help us with their resources to launch different S branded products to the market. Its sales profit finances the S academy.
Right energy in S team and fun we are having managing the project convinced Jamie Oliver team to support us with their know-how and positive energy. Thank You for believing in us. Small group of “loco” people in pocket country that live and breathe the S project.
Welcome to our blog and have fun. We do.

Ana Strnad
Executive manager of S project

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