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JUL 03 @ 17:02

by minerva

In a fast-paced, no-time-for-manners world, take time to bake a few small morsels, present them gently & invite a friend to help you dispose of them amicably whilst chattering furiously.

Here we have some Raspberry & Almond Blondies, Spiced Apple Muffins, Double Chocolate Biscuits with a BLack Cherry Cream, Nut/Cranberry biscotti & little Caraway 'Rabbit' biscuits.

Recipe: Raspberry & Almond Blondies
(courtesy of Lurpak, the butter people)

125g unsalted/lightly salted Butter
200g White Chocolate, chopped
110g Caster Sugar
2 Eggs
130g Plain Flour
120g fresh Raspberries
100g Almonds, rough chopped

A greaseproof-paper lined Brownie pan (mine is about a 9" square tin)
Oven:190C/170C Fan/Gas Mk 5..............sorry, don't know temps for Fahrenheit

On a low heat melt the butter & until it turns golden.
Pour into a cold bowl & add 1/2 the chocolate. stir until melted.
Whisk together the eggs & the sugar until they are golden & thick.
Sieve in the flour, add the butter mixture, & fold to combine.
Add the Raspberries, remaining chocolate & the nuts, fold only a couple of times to combine.
Slowly & gently pour the mixture into the prepared tin, being careful not to knock the air out of the mixture as you do so.
Bake for 30 mins or so until pale golden. They should still be quite soft inside.
Cut into squares whilst still warm (12 - 16 should be good............they are quite rich so small pieces are best) & allow to cool in the tin.
Best consumed within 2 days.

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JUL 03 @ 21:18

by Grandmadamada

the first pic is absolutely heaventhumbsupsmile

............... and the first period so true and inventive

JUL 03 @ 21:45

by mummza

yummmmmmmm ! thumbsup
and that all I am going to say

JUL 04 @ 03:30

by MsPablo

Thanks for the recipe Minnie!  The whole menu sounds fabulous and the photos are excellent.

JUL 04 @ 15:15

by minerva

Thank you my dears.
The photography has been a while showing evidence, but now I'm on a roll watch this space!

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