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Friends have called in unannounced .......lunch???

JUL 04 @ 10:40

by minerva

I live in a place where the nearest proper shop (not a corner shop) is 4 miles away, so when friends call in unexpectedly what do you give them that is quick to make, in the fridge/storecupboard & nice to eat?

My solution is this.......
A tart of puff pastry (a sheet I have previously rolled out & ready to thaw quickly, in the freezer),
covered with whatever I have to hand, in this case: Onion, a very quick Tomato Sauce (2 tomatoes, tom.puree, roasted red pepper, olive paste, olive oil), Pepperoni, Mozzarella Cheese (the cheap stuff) & good olive oil.
Bung it in the oven until the pastry is crispy & the topping cooked.
Very quick & the house smelled wonderful.

The finished photo doesn't do it justice..........but in no time flat it was served with a lovely salad of leaves, baby plum tomatoes & spring onion, simply dressed..............to the delight of guests willing to be fed! Lovely.

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JUL 04 @ 13:16

by Sandy

That looks so good thumbsup

JUL 04 @ 15:06

by minerva

It tasted pretty good too, despite the finished article not looking very photogenic! lol

JUL 04 @ 17:47

by mummza

lovely Minnie, I sometimes do the same, one of my favrite toppings is Brie or Camambers and a load of little tomatoes 1/2's cut in half scattered well with hyme leaves s and baked cut side up ontop of the pastry

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