Jamie Oliver

3 minute pizza on a comal

JUL 08 @ 06:41

by Ashen

very thin crust ..   pep and tomato

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JUL 08 @ 13:35

by MsPablo

That looks perfect!  I like the idea of using a comal.  Did you put it in the oven?

JUL 08 @ 18:49

by Kye

Looks really good but what is a comal?

JUL 09 @ 10:30

by Ashen

MsP-   yes it was done under the grill broiler of our electric oven.  I put the cast iron comal in there under the grill to heat up while I was forming  and topping the pizza.   I then slid it off the pizza peel onto the comal on top of the stove to make it less likely a disaster would occur.   then immediately back under the broiler/grill and timer for 3 mins.

Kye..  A comal is a mexian type cooking pan that is usually used to make fresh tortillas.   this is a picture of the one I have which is made from cast iron.  I didn't blog this picture because it is somewhat blurry and also I didn't wipe the stove before taking the picture .

http://i44.photobucket.com/albums/f13/n … lpizza.jpg

JUL 11 @ 17:51

by Kye

Thanks for answering Ashen, i dont mind yoiur oven having a few crumbs...big_smilewave

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