Jamie Oliver

watermelon cupcake

JUL 08 @ 06:46

by Ashen

This are vanilla cupcakes but decorated to look like watermelon. My wife loved the idea and had to try it out.

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JUL 08 @ 08:46

by Grandmadamada

bravaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I like this so much, you know I eat with eyeswink

JUL 08 @ 13:32

by MsPablo

That's darling!  What are the seeds?  Your wife doesn't skimp on the icing - very nice.big_smile

JUL 08 @ 18:46

by Kye

Your wife is an artist big_smilewave

JUL 09 @ 10:20

by Ashen

the seeds were  made from a black gel icing  .. it doesn't dry up like the other ice she made so it has that shiny look.

I will let her know you liked them big_smile

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