Jamie Oliver

The easiest Elderflower Cordial in the world.....

JUL 09 @ 20:11

by minerva

Take a cup...........any sized cup (I use an old china teacup):

2 cups Elderflowers: destemmed & debugged, with no green stalks on.
6 cups of Sugar.
5 cups of water.
3 Lemons, juiced.

# Bring water & sugar to the boil in a large pan, & remove from heat.
# Add Elderflowers & leave to steep a while (let it go quite cool).
# Bring back to a simmer, remove from the heat & add lemon juice.
# Set aside to go cold for at least 12 hours.
# Strain through a scalded jellybag (or as in my case, a well-washed & scalded teatowel), squeezing the flowers well to get all the syrup out.
# Decant into sterilized bottles, seal & label.
# If kept refrigerated, will last for months.

Note: As well as being drunk in Summer Punches, with Soda Water or even with white wine..........this cordial is great as an ingredient in sorbets, jellies & fruit salads.

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JUL 10 @ 09:53

by Grandmadamada

One would think this is God's cordial ............... this is the right side of the medal, the other one is rain, one would never think you can do such a meraviglia while looking outside in the mistwinkthumbsupthumbsupthumbsupwave

JUL 13 @ 22:46

by mummza

Lovely and was delighted to see that you take all the green stems off the flowers too many people use the whole flower head these days and the taste is quite different

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