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This is what gives 'The English Summer' a bad name

JUL 09 @ 21:01

by minerva

The first photo was taken at 10:30 this morning as I took a child I care for out for a walk.
There is nothing wrong with my camera.............the low light level is just as it was.

The other two photo's were taken yesterday evening, the first in late afternoon, the second as the light (!) began to fade towards night.
Other than a few days here & there, it seems that most of April, May & June have been like this.
Hardly any wonder then that little seems to thrive this year in the garden.

As for me?
I envy those in sunnier climes...........please don't moan about heat, humidity & so on......you don't live like a troglodyte in near darkness for days at a time. You don't know how lucky you are.

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JUL 09 @ 22:09

by Grandmadamada

I often think I would send all people complaining about hot weather and sun up there and make them pay lots of money to keep freshwinkbig_smile

JUL 09 @ 23:51

by minerva

Well 'fresh' isn't what I would call our Summer...............'miserable' is more the word I think!

JUL 10 @ 17:11

by MsPablo

big_smile I won't say it, I won't!whistlewave

JUL 11 @ 15:00

by Danny

I am really, really, really, really finding it tough to face these grey days after continual sunshine for 2 weeks in Italy : (

JUL 13 @ 10:17

by Ashen

My question is .. how do maddogs and englishmen know to go out in the midday sun in that????  :P~

JUL 14 @ 18:56

by minerva

We get up early..................& wait!

(well we get up in March...........& we are often still waiting in September!!!)

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