Not such good news! :(

JUL 28 @ 19:22

by RebeccaBourhill

Hi guys,

Now that I have calmed down I can come and let you know what has been going on in my life in the last week!
On Tuesday/Wednesday night we were sleeping and we had a house burglary (robbery). Thank goodness they did not wake us up. They came into our house and stole all 3 computers and our TV! They also got to my school bag and took out my books and took the bag. They obviously had alot of time to kill and went through our handbags and our kitchen.
I have been in alot of shock and have been very much left with alot of emotional scaring!
I have been going for counciling to our friend who runs Life Line in Rustenburg. I am lucky enough to have her to talk to.
I went to her on Thusrday and going again to her tomorrow (Sunday)!

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JUL 29 @ 10:46

by Grandmadamada

shockedshocked I know that feelinghmm but after a little time you'll get rid of itsmile

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