Very Exciting!

AUG 03 @ 17:23

by RebeccaBourhill

Ok....................... this has been a very emotional month for me, but I have something very exciting to look forward to!
I am going to go work in a resturant in Mooi River called Hartford House. This is a very good opportunity for me to get some work experiance in a top 10 resturants in South Africa!

Will try get to a computer while I am there and put updates up during the time I am there which will be for 3 days!

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AUG 04 @ 14:32

by MsPablo

Congratulations!  I had a look at their website.  Wowie, what a gorgeous place!  Have fun Rebecca.

AUG 04 @ 15:16

by Grandmadamada

thumbsupthumbsupbig_smile enjoy this experience and keep us updatedwave

AUG 05 @ 06:28

by RebeccaBourhill

You dont have to worry about that Grand_Ma, I will definately keep you updated!

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