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The most unforgettable meal @ Spur

AUG 07 @ 14:34

by RebeccaBourhill

We had a meeting at my school about subject choices for next year and we decided to go uot for supper afterwards. We decided to go to spur but it was the worst meal I have ever had! I had a spare rib burger but it was not rib meat at all! From being a Jamie Oliver ambassador this was the most digusting thing! We discussed it with the manager but wheather he will do something I dont know!
You may think this picture is of a piece of bread but it is not! That was the patty!

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AUG 08 @ 21:49

by MsPablo


AUG 09 @ 17:57

by RebeccaBourhill

I know, it was so gross! It put me off eating!

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