Jamie Oliver

Easy, quick and delicious summer dishes

AUG 09 @ 02:34

by ddziak

On a hot summer night, nobody wants to be in a hot kitchen. So, I am always on the look for easy, quick and light dishes, which satisfy my cravings for delicious and nutritious food at the same time. This chicken pizzaiola recipe from the German cooking magazine "Meine Familie und ich" fits right into that category. Summer squash, tomatoes and onions were marinated in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic, and fresh thyme. The bone-in, skin-on chicken legs were rubbed with salt, pepper, Italian seasoning and topped with sage leaves. After baking it for 50 min, I served it with bread and salad...einfach lecker!

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AUG 09 @ 22:57

by MsPablo

Thanks for this recipe.  I'm going to use this idea.  I love a one-pot meal.

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