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In Season: Heirloom Tomatoes with 5 Tasty Tomato

AUG 10 @ 15:55

by LaTavolaMarche

...And so it begins, the big tomato harvest!
We literally can pick kilos of tomatoes every morning with hundreds of plants in 10 varieties. We grow the classics like San Marzano, beef steak & ciliegino to more rare plants like tiny yellow 'egg yolk'  & black Japenese tomatoes. Needless to say, we eat a LOT of pomodori in the summer and preserve 300+ jars for the winter/spring. Even with all the delicious tomato dishes we eat, I love them most of all freshly picked, warm from the sun, roughly chopped drizzled with olive oil & a good sprinkle of sea salt piled high on crusty bread! Now that's lunch (seriously, almost daily).

Enjoy the tomato photos & recipes from our garden: http://www.latavolamarche.blogspot.it/2 … ith-5.html

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