Jamie Oliver

Chile bans toys in children's meals

AUG 15 @ 15:02

by Danny

Great news, more on this story here:


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AUG 16 @ 19:39

by @nGoose1

Good post, well done. This is step in the right direction. I think Kellogg’s started the toy thing, I recall arguing over who had the toy with my brother. Proof that the toy is an attraction, perhaps. Now I guess parents buy a pack for each child.
One of my jobs (I have 3) has me restocking a supermarket cereal shelf. I am hallucinating after doing it. So much garbage, Golden Grahams, Kevin Wisps, Ozric Tentacles, Chocolate flavoured wheatabix, Strawberry corn flakes (contains real sugar). Don’t get me started on where Dorset Muesli comes from. Another post for that.
Label reading, so misleading.  The 5 a day program on UK TV showed how this was manipulated. Cook from fresh, watch Jamie to learn how.

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