Wonderful experiance!

AUG 16 @ 13:32

by RebeccaBourhill

Hi guys,
This is a picture of me and the head chef of the resturant that I went to go help out at for the weekend! It was a wonderful experiance and I was spoilt rotten! I was given R760 worth of chefs clothes and jackets one of which I was wearing in this picture! She also took me out for dinner which was totally not expected at all!
Jackie is such a nice lady and you can see she is very passsionate about what she does! I was put in responsibility for peeling and cutting 53 potatoes into chips! It really was a once in a lifetime opportunity!

The second picture is of the snow we passed on our way there! You dont usually see this much snow!

The third one is of the chips I had to cut!

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AUG 16 @ 16:36

by MsPablo

wave  I'm happy for you Rebecca!  That is wonderful.  Your chips look so professional!  I love the chef jacket.  You look snazzy girl!  Keep up the good work.  Best of luck to you.big_smile

AUG 16 @ 17:18

by RebeccaBourhill

Thank You! I had to make them look as profetional as possable as I was making them for a 5 star resturant! Towards the end the head chef was getting stressed so I had to go go super speed!
Good experiance though!

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