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My first blog - welcome aboard guys!

AUG 19 @ 23:34

by ambertesia

Hello lovely people,
How are you? It's my first blog here and I just wanted to welcome you to my musings about food,  wine (including ab fab Jamie's restaurants) and everything else inbetween.
I'm a self-confessed fan of Jamie's food, having frequented a number of his restaurants over the past few years. Notting Hill is on my hit-list and I can't wait to visit it next month when I'm back in London.
I love Jamie's restaurants, they're cosy and have that great one-of-a-kind-ambience where you never feel like you're in chain. If you get what I mean. I was chuffed to bits when I heard that Manchester was the new home to Jamie's latest venture up north (I flit between Manchester and London, you see; oh the joys of being a freelance!). I could wax lyrical about his ab fab food, but I'm going to stop, as this wasn't meant to be a eulogy (honest).
Must dash, it's late. Look forward to postings about scrummy food, what really works and why Jamie totally rocks.

Ciao for now,


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