Jamie Oliver

Peppers for lunch here in Spain

AUG 23 @ 10:25

by Ashen

awesome blog post.. I have never tried them , but have heard about the wildcard factor and loved the idea that you can play russian roulette with the heat level.

Is that any benifit to the frying vs say grilling them , flavourwise??

In the fall I grill a bushel of sheppard peppers over charcoal then peel and freeze for the winter months , would frying some be a good experiment?

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AUG 24 @ 23:14

by mummza

I bught some red chillis recently , same shape as the pardon peppers , Tasted a few as I chopped them and added them to the water melon , mint and fetta salad. Then I thought I;d add another one chopped in rings on top of the salad to make it look fancy , chopped in into rings and scattered over the top of the salad and I thought I might as well eat a little of it that was left on the chopping board ... mistake .. that one was pure fire , I could not taste anything for ages after ... removed t quickly from the top of the salad as there were grannies and small children at the party we were going too .
I never realised that these pardon peppers could be red in colour as the only ones I had seen before had been green.

FEB 10 @ 16:06

by user2014

i love peppers roasted jamie,but speaking of your trip in spain is there anything other special than the peppers that have you tasted...big_smile smile

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