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Supper Club for San Patrignano's Wefree Day

SEP 03 @ 10:05

by Danny

Hello everyone,

Last week we held a private dinner for 12 people to raise money for our WeFree project. Joe Gray (2005 Fifteen Foundation graduate) cooked and the food (as ever) was delicious. Roast chicken and pork loin and a roast squash salad for starters.

WeFree is an event where the young people from the community in Italy that I have been working at called San Patrignano celebrate being drug free - it is a two day event that I have attended for the last 4 years. It's an incredible time to be at Sanpa as many young people from around the world come to the community to celebrate this special occasion.


This year we are raising money to take a group of Fifteen apprentices and graduates to Wefree to participate and cook with the young people. Here are a few pics of the food from the dinner.



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SEP 08 @ 22:00

by mr spice


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