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Proper Cheddar!

SEP 04 @ 10:10

by minerva

Forget that stuff that comes from countries around the globe that calls itself 'Cheddar'.......it isn't!
Don't fool yourself people, that the cheese you eat is Cheddar just because it says so on the label.

This is the real deal.............made in Cheddar (Somerset, England).
In this case by The Original Cheddar Cheese Co.Ltd.

For those of you from foreign climes that have to live with pretend 'Cheddar', I am sorry. But if you ever visit our shores, it is one true pleasure awaiting you.
.....& for those Britons who buy 'plastic cheese' from supermarkets............don't be so tight, do your tastebuds a favour, & buy some real Cheddar quick as you can!

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SEP 05 @ 13:50

by BritFinn

On minnie, that looks so lovely.  It's one thing I really miss, we get tons of different cheeses, but it's hard to find cheddar, and it's very expensive! 

One thing that does make me laugh, is my in-laws who have visited the US a lot seems to think cheddar is orange! mad

SEP 07 @ 21:38

by @nGoose1

Looks good, Denhay, is my choice. Weird I just posted a cheder reply , then found your post. Nice Post.

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