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Cutlery i bought in an auction while in Essex UK.

SEP 06 @ 18:05

by Kye

Sorted them the same evening, many are dated from the 1930's. I need some polish and can make believe that i am in Downtown Abbey.lolwave

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SEP 06 @ 19:26

by mr spice

Nice find...I've bought several lovely serving spoons and salad sets from car boots here in Germany...absolute bargains and so much prettier than the plastic stuff I could have bought for the same price from Ikeathumbsup

SEP 08 @ 16:06

by minerva

Most of my cutlery has been handed down & looks very similar to this motley collection.............somehow more charming than an expensive & pristine matching set.
Some of mine is silver, & much of it from the 1800's (a fair bit of it looking a touch worn around the edges too!). I wouldn't swap it for an Ikea set for all the world! smile

SEP 08 @ 19:13

by mummza

I also have some similar looking cutlery buy we don't use it much as we ( sorry Minnie) have stainless steel cutlery  that we use  daily some from Ikea but its functional and goes in thr dishwasher.
I had to stop using the bone handles knives and forks as my darling kept putting them dish-washer them and it does get them wrecked fairly fast !

SEP 10 @ 22:51

by Kye

They are silver and i have discouvered that they date from the 1800's too. Posted a few comments on FB as i am learning about their past with the help of their markings. Maree gave me a few tips.

I am proud to now own them.

SEP 13 @ 10:41

by mare10010

Pretty! I have simular cutlery, but do not know with what tp polish it. The cutlery is not real silver, but ade of a metal known as 'hotel silver'. Tips?

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