Jamie Oliver

celebrating 10 years of fifteen , 15th July 2012

SEP 08 @ 20:11

by mummza

We were each served with a plate of Mozzarella Di buffalo Campana with Isle of Wight tomatoes, basil, pea shoots, aged balsamic and spiced pangrattato.  The tomatoes were delicious and the addition of the spiced pangrattato on top of the mozzarella was a great idea, it had been spiced with paprika and gave a new dimension to the creamy mozzarella.  I know from what Gavin had been telling me that as a trainee he had been on a sourcing trip to the Isle of Wight and seen the tomatoes growing using the hydroponics system. I had maintained that I felt all tomatoes grown in hydroponics produced beautiful fruits but were lacking in taste. I will now admit that I was wrong! Now I have tasted these tomatoes that we're grown in hydroponics I will admit they were very tastey (and yes Gavin... if I saw tomatoes from the Isle of Wight for sale I would buy them!)

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