Jamie Oliver

clever idea with macaroons

SEP 09 @ 11:03

by mummza

We recently had an 'afternoon tea' in Cheltenam to celebrate a friends birthday , it was rather lovely , little warm scones with clotted cream and jam , sandwiches with the crusts removed and cut into fingers, other beautiful little cakes and as you can see from the top tier of the cake stand there were freshly made chocolates and strawberries as well, also on the cake stand were these little macaroon 'lollypops' a very simple idea but quite fun !

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SEP 11 @ 13:53

by BritFinn

What a lovely way to celebratebig_smile

OCT 03 @ 16:34

by bcrain

Nice Mummza! Looks quite delish!

NOV 03 @ 23:45

by minerva

Bring back 'Afternoon Tea' to every home in all the world...............it is a civilising influence.

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