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A lovely Bavarian lunch

SEP 17 @ 11:40

by Danny

Earlier this year I visited Nuremberg for the first time and sampled some delicious Bavarian food and wine. Since returning I have been promising the online team that I would cook a typical Bavarian lunch for them putting into practice all of the cooking tips that I picked up when I visited. I cook for the Online team four days a week here in the office and this morning when I announced that we would be having a Bavarian feast everyone was quite excited indeed.  This was also a chance to try some of the local delicacies from Bavaria of course with my own unique twist.

The main attraction of my lunch was definitely the Nuremberg sausages (Original Nürnberger Bratwürste von Bratwurst Rösslein). I loved these sausages when I tried them in Nuremberg and I am happy to report that the online team did as well. I served this with some Bockwurst sausages that I picked up from a deli here in London. The lunch was definitely “family service style” as I laid everything out in big bowls for everyone to help themselves.

Our friends at the Ammergauer Alps, a region south of Munich, Bavarian Tourist Board ( see http://www.bavaria.us/ ) also sent us some lovely “mountain cheese” to try called “Oyfach Guat”. This is the cheese that is used to make the very famous Allgau Cheese Noodles (Spätzle). I loved the taste of this mountain cheese so much that I decided to serve it for lunch with home made pumpernickel bread. I like the sound of the noodle dish though and I will definitely be trying this next time we have a Bavarian lunch.

I made a simple salad as well for everyone and we all got to try some local Bavarian accompaniments that went perfectly with all of the main dishes. These consisted of a really tasty Regensburg sweet mustard, and a Nuremberg Bavarian horseradish ( Bayerischer Meerrettich von Schamel).  We also tried some rather distinguished and unique local delicacies called Apfel-Griebenschmalz from Füssen close to Neuschwanstein Castle (for bread and drippling), pork loaf (Leberkäse) and honey. The last two were not to everyone’s liking but good on the online team for trying them! A good beer to accompany a Bavarian meal is the famous and tasty Bamberg smoke beer which you can enjoy in selected shops and pubs throughout the UK.

I have always liked to be quite experimental in the kitchen and instead of making a traditional Bavarian potato salad with radishes and hot mustard I made mine with the Horseradish from Nuremberg. It had that nice radish flavour but with a lovely creamy texture and taste. From the reaction of the online team and their gasps of approval this will definitely not be the last time that I will be cooking a special Bavarian lunch and I look forward to letting you all know about the next one.

For more information on Bavarian cuisine including some recipes to try, visit:
http://www.bavaria.us/bavarian-cuisine- … nk-germany

Cheers from Danny

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SEP 18 @ 00:36

by minerva

Having been to Bavaria often & enjoyed the different foods there, I have to say well done for making such a refreshingly 'alternative' lunch.

I live in 'the provinces' & have difficulty acquiring truly authentic ingredients.......I envy your access to them.

SEP 19 @ 07:33

by Torilla

Hey there Danny!

I'm from Bamberg and I'm happy to here you enjoyed your stay. Eventhough you defnetly should have gone for another of our countless beer varieties. I myself can't stand the distinctive smoke flavour of Schlenkerla Beer ;-)

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