Jamie Oliver

Vegetable Plate

SEP 21 @ 02:51

by Kaitlyn

The picture is of Kiyi the Akita.  He likes to 'help' in the backyard. lol  He hasn't bothered the tomato plants much (probably because he itched last year after he got into one of them)

A vegetable plate is a great way to eat your veggies. It's one of my favorite dishes because it's so LITTLE work (most of it's prep work).

Needed: 3-5 of your favorite vegetables (example: potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, and kale), Velveeta, butter or margarine


1) prep veggies (peeling and cutting as needed).
2) in separate pots, cook each veggie to slight-underdoneness (it will finish in the microwave).
3) place some of each veggie on a microwave-safe plate.
4) dot with butter and top with slices of Velveeta.
5) microwave on high just long enough to melt the cheese (careful--plate will be hot!).

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