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San Patrignano products at Selfridges

SEP 21 @ 21:00

by Danny

Hello everyone,

The end of a very busy week but I wanted to let you all know about the exciting weekend that I have planned. Tomorrow and Sunday I will be at the Food Hall at Selfridges in London at a special stand that they have to promote the new range of San Patrignano products that are available at Selfridges. There are some lovely cured meats and cheeses and if you happen to be in London drop by and say hello. Sanpa survives by selling the most incredible products all over the world and when I first befriended the community I helped them get their products seen by Selfridges. Since then Selfridges have really gotten behind the community by selling the team of Food Buyers have also helped me by bringing many guests along to my San Pat fundraising Supper Clubs.

Watch out for pics on my Instagram and here on the site. I am also now actively involved with San Patrignano having just set up a San Pat UK Association. The main purpose of the Association is to work with anyone here in the UK who would like to attend San Patrignano as a resident and also help anyone who had finished at the community and wants to settle in London. More info for you here:


Have a great weekend everyone....

Cheers from Danny

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