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Cooking lunch in the Philips HomeCooker part 1

SEP 24 @ 09:45

by Danny

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My online lunches have become quite a talking point amongst my work colleagues. Four days a week the team are treated to a sit down lunch and even though our kitchen is fairly basic I do manage to whip up something special for the rest of the team every week. We are lucky indeed working where we do as we have such great resources and plenty of people with great food knowledge to help us in the kitchen.  As much as I love cooking for the rest of the team I am always keen to try any new cooking equipment to help me along the way and recently I was very pleased to learn that we had been given Jamie's new Philips HomeCooker to try. The online team were certainly in for a treat as I chose 4 recipes to try out.

It was a vegetarian's delight as the first two recipes that I chose were Hearty minestrone soup and Sticky pot-roasted beets. Jamie has created all of the recipes that come with the cooker and looking at the recipe book there is something there for everyone from vegetarians to seasoned meat eaters! The whole premise of this cooker is that it saves you time in the kitchen and after giving the beets a whirl I could see how this is a great time saving device.  The cooker stirs and cooks meaning that your time is freed up to carry on with other cooking duties or in my case getting back to my desk and taking care of those emails that seemed to be piling up when I was cooking!

I always enjoy picking up little cooking tips from Jamie and for the roast beet dish I loved the dash of balsamic vinegar and some grated orange zest at the end. The beets were perfectly cooked -sticky and sweet and a great starter for our special lunch that day. For the main course I cooked the Hearty minestrone soup. Another winner of a recipe and judging by the site of the empty pan and bowls the online team loved the soup as well.  2 recipes down, only one pot to clean and some great food made for lunch – I am definitely a HomeCooker convert! Stay tuned for part 2 where I tackle a lovely Italian stew and steamed Sea bass.

Find out more here: www.jamieoliver.com/homecooker

For part 2 of my blog: http://www.jamieoliver.com/bloggers/vie … 36#p686136

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