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green tomatoes

SEP 24 @ 22:20

by Grandmadamada

I cropped like a mad between a little rain and a temporale short after thatthumbsup

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SEP 25 @ 18:30

by minerva

What are you going to make with them?
My gluts of Green Tomatoes are nearly always turned into chutney for Xmas gifts.

MsPabs has just today given me a timely reminder of the work still to be done for Xmas cards & gifts.
I think tomorrow will find me searching out vinegar, spices, apples & sugar to use up what's left of the unripened crop.

I have Damsons & Plums lurking at the bottom of the fridge too that needs to be turned into something delicious for the Dark Months.

SEP 25 @ 22:46

by Grandmadamada

my husband has a recipe by his mother which says to boil them in vinegar and water I think and then store them in oil, is it that?????
I thought I could store them in the basement and wait for them to ripe wink, do you think they will as in summer?

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