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It's the Great Update, Charlie Brown (LOL)

SEP 26 @ 07:32

by WheelieFoodChik

Hey Y'all---wave
Yeah, yeah, yeah...the title's cheesy, I know!
I'm finally back. Those who read my posts may have wondered where the heck I've been at, this post answers that question. I have been busy with home improvement projects and school. Before we go on the 3, yes 3 collages(mad love to the JOC team for the multiple photo option--thank ya!) shows you a little of what I've been up to. I did these with "Pic Collage" on my iPad...and uploaded them straight from here. These are of my room. The first collage is of the area next to the dresser, the second is the "before" of my bed and curtains and third is the after for this same area . What sparked the renovation? Boredom...Five years of having "real" plans for this room and never getting around to them. While what I've done...does look nice, I'm not even close to done. As to what parts are yet to be: My sheers still have to go in, my ceiling fan needs to be completed and I will repaint the bedroom furniture (or get Ma or My aunt Dee to do it) to match the bookshelf. I am also gonna pimp out my dresser and nightstand with new knobs! wink I am also redoing my bathroom and adding storage to my office, so I have been pretty busy.

Next up is health news. I have yet to return to healthier eating though I intend to. I have my juicer(which I have yet to use). Also, I bought Zumba fitness 2 for Wii, and some wrist weights(2lb-ers) and some weightlifting gloves(I'm gonna use them as push gloves for doing laps). What holds me back now aside from my own reluctance? My powerchair is in the process of dying completely, and the replacement which I was forced to appeal for is not here yet. Sadly, it will not be a Permobil but a Pride Mobility chair from their Jazzy series...the 1420. With the rehab seating, it will be a mash up between the Jazzy 1170 XL(my 1st chair) and the Quickie Freestyle F11(the current chair that's dying). Since, my first Jazzy was black, I opted for blue this time. Getting the chair this time was weird because of needing to appeal(never needed to before) and 9 days before my hearing, I got approved. From there, it would be about a month until I got the new chair. In the meantime, my current chair is slowly dying beneath me. Now, I face the prospect of being room-bound for 12 days(the remainder of my month-long wait). Although, I was gonna try starting my health revamp in October anyway...why not just start my "laps" now? My powerchair is having her dying gasp and I already have the gloves...so I could take this as a sign to start now. It's better than being stuck in my room for 12 days with no chair. Eventhough, I am bad off...it's still not as a bad as my dad. He has been ill for months with stomach problems and not your garden variety ones either. Despite our past dysfunction, I would not dare wish this on him. sad I am extremely worried for him and torn between being glad he told me of his problem or wishing that I didn't know. I have a low emotional tolerance for tragedy...I'm the sensitive type. I still struggle not to jump to worse case scenario.

Worse case scenario also reminds me of my school news. After that "C" I earned in Fundamentals of Sales & Marketing...I was terrified of going back down the slippery slope of academic probation(that "accidental ineligibility for financial aid" e-mail didn't help either). Surprisingly, that is not what happened. Instead, I got back to back A's on my next two courses and my GPA is back to a 3.5! big_smile Also, during this time, to help me last quarter I bought an accessibility pack to go with my voice recognition software. To any of us other JOC folks who use Dragon Naturally Speaking and need screen reader software to go with it, you want ask for the Speak n' See Accessibility Pack. This pack is the reader itself WITHOUT Dragon Naturally Speaking...some sales agents will claim it doesn't exist; hello, fib much?!  evil If you've got Dragon and then realize you should've gotten the Speak n' See bundle, you've got options. I'm telling you, I'm glad I pushed 'cause I'll be darned if I end up with two copies of Dragon JUST for a screen reader and I was not going to pay $100 plus $14 more to get it shipped. I called it in and got the agent to knock off 10% of the total, so that paid my shipping right there(calling it in helps).

As far as the new quarter goes, I have my books already and I'm just waiting on the advanced syllabus. I know that it's crass but I have already spent my school refund in my head: I will use part of it to complete my adjustable bed fund, so I can get my bed and the rest will go towards a laptop. After that, I will start saving for the wheelchair scale.

In garden news, I need to do light replacement and replants...but the chair situation has put that on hold. I added grow light boosters to the silver unit and kept an tomato going for 5 weeks...I was so much closer that I could sense it! I got an outlet strip big enough for all of the units and a digital light timer(I had to add an adapter for a grounded plug to use it, though). Remember that plastic drawers that didn't fit my cart? I got other drawers like to make a unwheeled unit out of it and have a lot more space. I also have smaller containers to help keep things neat. I gave my old cart to Ma to store her crafts in and she got another unit to put on top to build a supercart. I also gave her a narrow cart I had originally meant to use in my office.

A small related side note...Ma actually tried container gardening outside. I take this as a very encouraging sign and I'm making the leap and going outside. I have been looking at planters tall enough to work in...I'm nervous but excited about the idea. Ma said she would gladly put some out there for me(but I think she's not sure where to get them from) though luckily I found a place. Still, I will ask the housing office here if I can have them..."If I can have these elevated planters, I will gladly see that they are painted to match my Mother's house and maintain them."thumbsup

Careerwise, there's not much to tell except Vocational Rehab threatened to close my case due to lack of progress...so I let them. I got tired of them holding it over me. Afterall, VR "advised" me to back to school and not they are mad 'cause it is taking too long?! Well, TOUGH...they were slowing me down anyhow. Everytime, i updated them, they would sideline me with something pointless. I am not ready to relaunch Avon yet or shift to Pampered Chef, though the mobile business movement may be just the thing I need to make my 2nd try successful.  Now, that my schedule's finally together, I will use this free time to research for my business like I said I would. I will try not to let too much time lapse between us...until next time, Y'all!

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