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Toad in the Hole and Joyful trifle

SEP 26 @ 18:07

by giselecutts


Last Thursday I had not 2 but 6 guests. My mother in law (her name is Heather), Andrew and Angela and their son Tim and grandchildren Tom and Luiza.

I cooked as my mother in law requested a toad in a hole with onion, cider and honey gravy and a joyful trifle, with raspberries from Heather's garden and mandarine segments.

Making a trifle was one of the things I had the most fun putting together, ever in my life. Of course, I should have made it in advance to have the jelly really set, but as I didn't it was slightly crumbling but everybody loved it and again, not a crumb of anything leftover.

My mother in law said it was the best ever toad in the hole and my friend said it was the best ever trifle so I am pleased!

I put loads of mandarine liqueur instead of Cointreau in the trifle and it made it really tasty.

I put some sausages in the toad in the hole and some out, because Jamie doesn't put any sausage in the batter and how can we have a toad in the hole without the toad?

I also raised more good money for the Romanian charity which I am pleased about.

Good things happening all round for trying to come out of myself and do things for other people. It makes me really happy when I can see people enjoying themselves and with a great big smile on their faces. I might go out to Romania and actually visit the charity and get to know the girls I am helping with my cooking and Jamie's recipes.

See you soon,


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