Jamie Oliver

Seared peppered steak & Creamy mushrooms

SEP 26 @ 18:09

by giselecutts

Hello dear bloggers,

I am sorry I have been absent for such a long time but my computer crashed and I have only got it back.

This recipe, seared peppered steak and creamy mushrooms dates from the 3rd September 2012. It was just for my husband and I to eat.

I went to our local butcher, Halls, on fore street and got an amazing piece of Sirloin steak and also a lovely piece of pork belly to be cooked the following day.

Cooking time on this recipe was spot on and 3 minutes each side plus an extra minute was perfect to have a pink but not rare steak. The steak was then sliced and put on a bed of mushrooms.

I served this dish with creamy spinach, another incredible recipe in Jamie's book. It is crusty with breadcrumbs and cheese gratin. The spinach is prepared with tomatoes and it is the best spinach recipe I have ever tasted!

I think this picture does not depict the beauty of this dish, but there we are.

I hope you keep following this blog and sorry for the delay in posting again.

See you shortly


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