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Myriads of Cupcakes

SEP 26 @ 18:29

by giselecutts

Hello you all

I hope you are all well.

Today it is Monday and I am feeling better after a really 'feeling down' weekend. Just feeling purposeless, I still feel lost and  keep doing things to help me find a purpose in life but I don't know at all where I am going.

I must admit I often follow Facebook, one of the world's recent diseases. Some people totally reject Facebook, others are addict to it. I think Facebook is a very useful tool to find long lost friends and in my case, to see what is happening in my friend's lives across the world. I find it very dangerous that we live in a very agreeing world, nobody seems to debate, question or even verify the source of all the pearls of wisdom that are often published. I often caught many mistakes but am scared to tell as now everyone feels attacked if we try to discuss any of their ideas. We have the idea that Jewish people are always quarrelling but it is a way of thinking. They give more importance to the argument than to the conclusion, because arguing makes you think! Thinking is a little bit short in the world nowadays as to think you need to learn how to think. One good friend of mine said: 'At first they taught us how to think, then they taught us what to think and now they teach us not to think'. Sad times. To learn how to think we need to refer to those who once thought, as Greek philosophers or philosophers of all time. If you have the time to rear Aristotle, you will find that you need little else to understand human kind nowadays because if there is something that remains unchangeable throughout the centuries is human nature. I find it really funny when people criticise conservative people. I do admire people that think they can change the world but I do not believe we can change the world without changing human nature and all attempts to do that have miserably failed. Some men are greedy, racists, liars, cheats and they will always try to take advantage on the kind hearted well intentioned people. Nothing wrong about dreaming of a better world but we need to acknowledge the task is hard and some things will take too long to change. I also think some changes are for the better and others for the worse. Sometimes I think after changes upon changes we are more or less the same, as says the song.

You are probably asking yourself what does it have to do with cupcakes? Well, I cook when I get frustrated with the world. Building and decorating cupcake towers is one of the most rewarding bad day thing you could possibly cook. You make the batter, you pour it  into little decorated cases, they make all sorts of decorated cases: hearts, starts, rainbows, you name it. After that you see the little cupcakes grow, you take immense pleasure in decorating them with butter icing, whipped cream, sugar icing, you can put colours on them, you can pipe the icing out and finally, you can throw lots of different sprinkles. While you do all of that, your brain can wonder wherever it wants to go. This is the magic of cooking.

These are some of the cupcakes I baked recently, with or without help.

Have a peek!


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