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Squash soup, Kedgeree and Welsh cakes

SEP 26 @ 18:31

by giselecutts

Hello friends

Yesterday I cooked a 3-course meal for 2 friends, John and Mike to help the charity in Romania.

The starter and main course were spicy (very hot indeed!). The first course was a butternut squash and apple soup. I put 2 whole red chilies and, even if all the men thought it was ok, it was quite spicy, I could just eat it. I started roasting everything in the oven, the butternut squash, apple, onions, garlic and chilli then blended all with vegetable stock and spices. I advise the less adventurous to start with half a chilli. If you can bear spicy food, 2 chillies are ok.

The main course was a Haddock Kedgeree and even though it was supposed to be a dish for breakfast, it suited dinner very well. It was even spicier than the first one and again, I suggest if you are not used to hot food, start with half a chilli, I bet it is plenty. The kedgeree is a quite heavy dish for breakfast in my opinion.

You can find a good Kedgeree recipe at Jamie's site but I will publish it here to cut time, you can find it at the end of this article.

For dessert I made some welsh cakes and served them with whipped cream and fresh fruit, very nice indeed.

It is very good I only had men as they would never say it was too hot for them, real blokes don't admit they can't handle hot food!!!

I forgot to say I am back to cooking in the AGA and I love it! It is so practical to have it ready for when you want it!

Monday I did another seared peppered steak, for my husband and I. I think it is definitely his favourite.

So far I have cooked 22 recipes including the apple sauce. A lot of recipes still to come, keep posted!

See you soon


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