Jamie Oliver

let's start the pumpkin season

SEP 27 @ 13:58

by Grandmadamada

leek thyme pumpkin risottosmile

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SEP 29 @ 18:27

by Kye

We have only slightly grilled ours tonight and added a few grains of sea salt. I love butternut and use it at least once a week in various ways.big_smilewave

SEP 29 @ 23:07

by Grandmadamada

I must try that kye, I could do that on my piadinatrice (sad nonsticky covered in teflon pressofuso) as I do with aubergines or courgettes, I nver thought you can do the same with pumpkinthumbsup grazie

SEP 30 @ 17:20

by @nGoose1

Good post, some unheard of squashes would be nice. I know G.R uses Iron Bark does anyone know what that is. Onoin squash is a nice one.

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