Jamie Oliver

my car boot coming from my campo

SEP 27 @ 21:05

by Grandmadamada

leeks and radicchi I'll plant on the right, apples from the neighbors, mummza's pumpkins (seeds given to the neighbor decided to go through the fence and produce fruits in my campowinkthumbsup and for my friends aswell, grazie mummza, your Italian name is B(ee)ice, so you are referred to, with your kind permission of coursewinklol

p.s I forgot to mention 50 plants of broccoli I received over the fence and will plant where I had beens this year (not giving a good crop, but making the soil better for what comes next)

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SEP 28 @ 14:59

by MsPablo


SEP 29 @ 17:48

by Grandmadamada


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