Jamie Oliver

Sunshines Angry Birds Birthday Cake

SEP 28 @ 12:19

by BritFinn

My sunshine who is 12 tomorrow, decided he wanted a green angry birds birthday cake.  Easy enough I thought, but getting that beak to stay put nearly made me angry too! lol

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SEP 28 @ 12:28

by JoyYamDaisy


Happy Birthday Sunshinesmile!

SEP 28 @ 13:42

by Grandmadamada

auguri auguri and ohhhh che brava!!

SEP 28 @ 19:48

by MsPablo


SEP 29 @ 10:25

by Ashen

That is an awesome cake.   I was driving my wife nuts making angry bird noises for a good ten minutes after I saw it earlier .   lol big_smile

SEP 29 @ 18:24

by Kye

Happy Birthday to your sunshine, the cake is marvellous big_smilewave

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