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farmers market

SEP 29 @ 13:51

by Grandmadamada

what's for supperwink

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SEP 29 @ 18:23

by Kye

Bravo mada, lovely pics thumbsup

Did the snail take a dive at the end? winkbig_smilewave

SEP 29 @ 22:39

by Grandmadamada

lolwink noo it was escaping from the floating vegs I was washing and I gave it the time to run (??:lolsmile away while focusing on its roundabouts smile

SEP 30 @ 17:15

by @nGoose1

nice photos, pesky snais and slugs.

OCT 01 @ 13:22

by Grandmadamada

I tried again yesterday and it did not work, either one pic after a few tentativi and no way of loading threewhistle you haven't missed anything extraordinarysmile

OCT 03 @ 01:53

by MsPablo

You have such fancy snails in your part of the world!  We have slugs, no pretty shells, just a lot of slime.

OCT 04 @ 08:31

by Grandmadamada

I think it depends of the wildness you allow in your garden, when going around looking for vegs to crop for lunch (or in the dark for supper) I sometimes think it's me invading their landshockedyikesops: ...... and so it had to be, only strong healthy vegs would survive and I believe we would manage eating allthesame enoughwink

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