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Italian gas issues and a pair of old friends.

OCT 01 @ 16:52

by JimOnlineEditor

So Jamie and a couple of dozen crew went out to the beautiful Amalfi coast to film for Food Fight Club.
For those of you who haven't heard of this concept, it is a show filmed 'as live' in a cafe on Southend Pier with Jamie, Jimmy Doherty and special (very special) guests messing about with food. The serious  message is that British produce and cooking is just as good as our Continental cousins' cuisine. Can we make the French surrender to our cheese? Batter the Belgians with beer? Pull off a sausage coup in Germany? Or - and the reason we went to Italy - cream the Italians with desserts?
During the filming we grabbed the effervescent Italian Stallion Gennaro Contaldo, in the crazy-lovely town of Ravello, to create a risotto for the website. He delivered but not after a marathon effort in finding a bottle of gas to hook up to our outside stove.
Four hours driving around the Amalfi (not too unpleasant it has to be said) looking for something which was all the while sitting outside the door of the hotel!
Risotto al funghi was created and then in comes Jamie - "We've always wanted to cook together in Amalfi haven't we Gennaro?" - beautiful.
Food Fight Club is to be broadcast at the end of November for Four episodes and Gennaro's How to Cook Risotto will be available to view here in a few days time. Arrivederci for now.....

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