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Patisserie & Confiserie, lesson 3

OCT 05 @ 14:16

by giselecutts

Hello bloggers!

Have I been busy? Yes!

Yesterday was the third lesson of the my patisserie classes in South Devon College and we learnt how to make breads. We made, individually, 8 soft rolls in 4 different shapes, single knot, double knot, crown and plat with sesame seeds and poppy seeds. We also made a wholemeal bread with grains on top, which we haven't tasted.

The teacher made olive breads and tomato breads with the same base of the small rolls, only adding green and red pesto and chopped olives and dried tomatoes.

I thought those breads are ok, not spectacular, they are soft breads and generally lacking in salt and a bit  in taste, I am used to richer types of bread that we buy in Totnes market.

Making bread is very good for the soul and nerves as kneading the dough is a bit of physical work but a very enjoyable one.

Hope you enjoy the pictures


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OCT 07 @ 16:35

by Pakman

For the rolls surprisingly enough my eye is drawn to the sesame ones. The breads just make me drool!

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