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Chestnut Dessert

OCT 10 @ 06:07

by hkspring

Autumn arrived this week. It wasn't messing around. From 78F to 48F (and lower) in the space of a couple days! This crisp autumnal weather made me think of warm spices, chestnuts falling from the trees and of course, a new dessert!

For this recipe I took roasted chestnuts, golden raisins (or sultanas) and dates. I added a bit of honey, spices - cardamom, cloves and allspice (mmmmm!) and a splash of apple brandy. After rolling the filling into buttery filo, I sprinkled the top of each fat little cigarillo with spiced sugar and baked them until they were a lovely golden brown.

Served warm with a cup of coffee, they hit the spot for my spicy dessert craving! As always, I'm happy to share the recipe if you drop me a line.

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