Jamie Oliver

and so on and on .....

OCT 10 @ 23:33

by Grandmadamada

till it smells no more like mosto but like millefiori honey, I hopesmile

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OCT 11 @ 12:55


Loving this Mada, I could yet be tempted  <3

OCT 11 @ 14:21

by Grandmadamada

you made my day ACDC,I was thinking what for am I blogging these private kitchen views of a non professional either baker nor cookwinkwhistlethumbsupwavewave
I hope everything is well with your great crowded winkbig_smilefamily
shall I start the hopflowers yeast then to make you jump into the yeasts adventure?

OCT 11 @ 21:31


As the boys get bigger Mada I seem to have less and less time. They are busy and all going in a different direction but still needing lifts (drive me, bring me, collect me..) Gear for hurling, gaelic football, swimming, rugby and more that needs to be washe, dried and ready immediately if not sooner. And someday I will have lots of time to myself, or so I am told and I will wish they were still calling and asking and wanting.   Hope all well with you and your growing family, how is your beautiful grandaughter??  XXX smile

OCT 11 @ 22:01

by Kye

Scarfs are packed somewhere so i used a very old woolen jumper, my favorite to keep those little bodies warm.

mada you are wonderfulsmilebig_smilewave

ACDC, that someday that you will have time for yourself will arrive all too soon, enjoy every moment now...winksmile

OCT 11 @ 23:16

by Grandmadamada

I have the feeling that sourdough and wool scarfs have called us together as it happened beforewinkthumbsup
and yes I feel I have time for me sometimes, but still neglecting the ordinary things that need to be done anyway, only when I'm in my campo or with my granddaughters, one in reality near me and the little one on skype I forget all and enjoy their loving me smile

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